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How can I reset my CLEAR Spot Voyager device?

There are two types of device reset for the CLEAR Spot Voyager.

  Software Reset

  • Push and hold the Power button for 10-12 second
  • PWR light turns red
  • 4G light flashes amber
  • The 4G light will flash Amber for several minutes
  • The device will reboot and be ready to use

Note: a software reset will change all software settings to the factory defaults including Network Name and Wi-Fi Password

  Hardware Reset

  • If the hardware becomes unresponsive, use the pinhole in the back of the device, next to the Micro USB port to reset the hardware. To access the reset button, open the USB port cover.
  • Insert a paperclip or other small object into the pinhole
  • Press and hold the reset button for 3 seconds
  • PWR and 4G LEDs turn red
  • 4G light flashes amber for several seconds
  • The device will reboot and be ready to use

Rotating your CLEAR Hub?

Sometimes just rotating your CLEAR Hub will improve your signal strength.