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Most of the consumer data that Clearwire uses for direct mail programs currently is supplied from one of or all the list owners/compilers listed on this webpage. If you are a consumer and would like to be removed from future Clearwire mailings, please contact Customer Care. Please note it can take up to 8 weeks for you to stop receiving mail from Clearwire.

Requesting removal of your name from the Clearwire mailing list does not mean that you will stop receiving commercial mailings from other business interests. If you are a consumer and you would like to reduce the number of mailings you are receiving from other companies or you would like to update your information, it is suggested that you contact each of the agencies/resources listed on this page as well as the DMA (Direct Marketing Association). Clearwire cannot do this on your behalf. Requesting removal or updating your personal data would need to be done with all of the five agencies listed on this page since in some cases your name will be retained by more than one of the resources listed.


DMA – this is the most comprehensive “do not mail” list that most large list owners, compilers and mailers will bump their lists against.
  • Register for the Mail Preference Service by mail. Send a letter plus a $1 check or money order to:
    • Mail Preference Service
      Direct Marketing Association
      PO Box 643
      Carmel, NY 10512
  • Register online. You also may sign up online at the DMA’s website. There is no fee for online registration.
    Visit: DMA says this option is quicker than by postal mail.
  • Register names of deceased: The DMA also provides the opportunity to register the names of deceased loved ones with the DMA’s Deceased Do Not Contact list (DDNC) at: Click on the Continue button at the button of the page to get to the form.

List Owners/Compilers

  • Acxiom
    • You may opt out of receiving promotional email, calls or direct mail from Acxiom by calling (877) 774-2094

  • Infogroup
    • By phone: (800) 794-1404
    • By mail:
      1020 E 1st Street
      Papillion, NE 68046

  • Equifax
    • By phone: (888) 567-8688
    • By mail:
      Equifax Direct Marketing Solutions
      P.O. Box 740241
      Atlanta, GA 30374

      Include your name, address, ZIP code and phone number.

  • Experian Marketing Solutions
    • By phone: (402) 458 5247
    • By mail:
      Experian Consumer Services
      901 West Bond Street
      Lincoln, NE 68521

  • TransUnion
    • By phone: (888) 5OPTOUT (888-567-8688)
    • By mail:
      TransUnion Name Removal Option
      P.O. Box 97328
      Jckson, MS 39288

Please Visit Federal Trade Commission website for more information:

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