Leased Device Replacement Program

If the device that you have leased from CLEAR is not functioning in accordance with its specifications, you may call Clearwire Technical Support (toll-free, at 877-956-4056) in order to request a replacement device of the same type and model. If the Clearwire Technical Support representative is able to verify that (A) technical troubleshooting will not improve the functionality of your leased device, (B) you are the authorized, responsible individual holding a Clearwire account that is active and in good standing (with no outstanding balance), and (C) you are not disqualified from the Program by reason of a “Disqualifying Event” (as defined below), then Clearwire will commence the following leased device replacement procedure:

(1) Clearwire will ship a replacement device (of the same type and model as the original leased device) to the street/mailing address that you have designated. Please allow approximately 2-3 business days (from communication of your eligibility to receive a replacement device) for the receipt (at such designated address) of the replacement device.

(2) Clearwire will email to you (at the email address that you have provided) a prepaid UPS shipping label within approximately 24 hours after telephonic confirmation that you are eligible to receive a replacement device. (Please check your Junk Mail folder if the shipping label does not appear in your Inbox within that 24-hour period.) Please be sure to print out the shipping label within ten days from the date of Clearwire’s email. (Otherwise, the link to the label will expire.)

(3) When the replacement device arrives, carefully unpack the device and all accompanying contents.

(4) Follow the instructions in the Quick Start Guide (accompanying the replacement device) in order to set up the replacement device and to get connected to the Internet.

(5) Securely place and pack the original leased device in the same box in which the replacement device was sent; reseal the box; and affix the prepaid UPS shipping label on the exterior of the box.

(6) Deposit the loaded and addressed box (containing the original leased device) at your nearest UPS store location or UPS drop box for shipment to Clearwire. Note: If Clearwire does not receive the original leased device within 15 days from the date on which it ships the replacement device, then you will be charged an “Equipment Non-Return Fee” with respect to the original leased device. The amount of the applicable Equipment Non-Return Fee is set forth at

At Clearwire’s discretion, the replacement device may be either a new device or a refurbished device. A refurbished device has undergone a stringent refurbishment process by a factory-authorized provider, with the intent of meeting the same functional requirements as a new device. You may not request to receive only a new device, and you may not pay an additional amount in order to receive a new device.

The "Disqualifying Events" that will preclude your leased device from being eligible for the Program are:

(a) Contact of the device with water, other liquid(s), food, sand, dirt or other foreign substance(s)

(b) Exposure of the device to extremely high humidity, extremely hot temperatures, or extremely cold temperatures

(c) Abuse or improper handling of the device (e.g., throwing the device; dropping another object on top of the device; etc.)

(d) Any use of the device for other than its intended purpose

(e) Any attempt by you and/or a third party to alter, modify, disassemble, repair, or otherwise tamper with the device

(f) Loss or theft of the device

(g) Excessive number of leased device replacement requests (as determined in Clearwire’s sole and reasonable discretion) within the immediately prior twelve (12)-month period; or, any fraudulent request to replace your leased device

Please call Clearwire Technical Support (toll-free, at 877-956-4056) if you have any questions or problems concerning the leased device replacement procedure.