Telecommunications Relay Service

What is Telecommunications Relay Service?

Telecommunications Relay Service (TRS) is an operator service that allows persons with a hearing or speech disability to place calls to standard telephone users via a text telephone (TTY) device, personal computer or other assistive telephone device. There are several different forms of TRS services, in addition to traditional TRS, such as Internet Protocol (IP) and Video Relay service.  

For additional information on the forms of TRS, please visit the FCC website at

What forms of TRS does Clearwire Support?

Clearwire supports TRS and 711 dialing to accommodate hearing and speech disabled individuals. 

For additional information about TRS and TRS providers, please visit the FCC website at

How can I get connected to TRS?

If you are using a standard telephone with your Clearwire Internet Phone Service, no additional action is required to make or recieve 711 or TRS calls. If you plan to use a text telephone (TTY) device with your Clearwire Internet Phone Service, please contact a Clearwire Customer Care representative in order to enable your ATA device to support a text telephone device. If you have additional questions or need assistance with TRS services, you can also connect to a Clearwire representative via the “Chat with a specialist” link on the Clearwire website.